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It is no longer possible to apply for Puls as a new applicant. Already appointed Puls promoters must in 2019 apply to continue as a Puls promoter i 2019-2020.

Continuation as Puls promoter in 2019-2020

You must apply to confirm that you will continue as a Puls promoter in 2019-2020. This is done by completing and sending the fund's application form on My Page. You must also attach the following mandatory material: 

  • Puls concert programme for the period August 2019 to July 2020 - get template here
  • Budget for Puls concerts in 2019-2020 - use your own template

In the application form you must fill out 4 boxes:

  • A renewed description of the ambitions for your upcoming Puls activities. Here, you must relate to your experiences hitherto - successes as well as challenges
  • A plan for collaboration with other Puls promoters
  • A plan for how to work with your audience
  • A plan for arrangement of smaller network meetings (if any, otherwise write "n/a") 

We open the application form Friday 3 May.


The application must be submitted at latest on Wednesday 15 May 2019 11.59 pm (CET).




Amount of concerts and funding per concert

You must apply for support for at least 5 and no more than 8 concerts. The support per concert can range from 8,000 DKK to 12,000 DKK. Concert promoters from Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland can choose to apply for support up to 20,000 DKK per concert. In this case, the support must be used for at least 3 and no more than 5 concerts per promoter.


The concerts in the programme do not need to be confirmed, and you can change up to 1/3 of the applied concert programme without the Nordic Culture Fund's approval as long as the programme still fulfils the criteria for Puls.


The concerts must take place in the period of August 2019 and July 2020.

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Programming of artists

Only concerts with artists based in another Nordic country than where you are based as a concert promoter can be supported. No more than 50 % of the members in an artist/band constellation can be based in the same country as the promoter.


Puls is also aiming at creating a network of scenes for Nordic based artists. Therefore, your Puls concert programme must include at least one artist that has previously been booked by another Puls promoter in the period August 2017 to July 2019.


You can see all the artists that have previously been booked for Puls concerts here:


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Collaboration with other Puls promoters

In 2019-2020, it is required that you have a close and ongoing collaboration with one or more other Puls promoters regarding Puls related activities. In the application, you must clearly define your plans for the collaboration, which needs to be confirmed by all parts. It is you as Puls promoters that define the shape of the collaboration.

Alternatively - or as an addition - to an ongoing collaboration you have to collaborate on arranging at least 2 concerts with one or more other Puls promoters.

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Network meeting for Puls promoters

The Nordic Culture Fund hosts a yearly network meeting for all Puls promoters. It is developed in collaboration with the national live music organisations. It is mandatory for all Puls promoters to be represented at the network meeting.


The next network meeting is going to take place in Helsinki 1 and 2 October 2019.

Please note that Music and Media is held in Tampere on 3 and 4 October. Read more here:

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We do not support

Concerts with artists based in the same country as the Puls promoter.

Showcases and promotion concerts.

Purchasing technical equipment.

Concerts that take place before August 2019 and after July 2020.

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Further funding possibilities in Puls 2019-2020

Extra funding for smaller network meetings and activities

This year you can also apply for support to arrange smaller network meetings that you host yourself. You apply for up to 12,000 DKK that can fully or partly cover relevant costs for meeting, travelling and staying. You define the content, theme, activities etc. yourself.


The expectations for the meeting is that at least for different Puls promoters are represented.


We cannot guarantee that we can meet all applications for this. We will prioritize:

  • Quality and relevance in the theme/content of the meeting
  • Amount of participating Puls promoters
  • Amount of participating countries
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Marketing support

As in the previous years, you can apply for marketing support to specified communication initiatives related to Puls. This year you can apply for up to 15,000 DKK.

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Puls is in 2019-2020 financed by The Nordic Culture Fund, The Nordic Council of Ministers, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Ministry of Culture and Education in Finland, and The Finnish Music Foundation.


  • The Fund grants DKK 8,000 - 12,000 per concert (1 band/artist = 1 concert). Puls promoters from Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland can apply for grants up to DKK 20,000 per concert
  • The concerts must be minimum 50 % self-financed
  • Artists must be paid professional rates
  • You can apply for funding up to 12,000 DKK to arrange a smaller network meeting
  • The Fund can grant up to DKK 15,000 for the communication and audience development
  • Puls promoters will be awarded travel support of approx. 3,000 DKK for participating in the yearly network meeting.

Evaluation criteria

  • The quality of the music programme and of the project’s long-term artistic ambitions and visions
  • Quality of the collaboration with other Puls promoters and possibly external collaboration
  • The project’s cultural/artistic, regional and Nordic significance
  • The applicant’s professional role and music-industry competences. Promoters of all sizes will be considered
  • Quality and innovation in communications and audience development

Approved Puls promoters

If your project is awarded a grant from the Nordic Culture Fund, you will receive an e-mail stipulating the amount and the conditions attached. This means that you have been appointed as a puls organizer and that you are included in the Nordic Culture Fund's music initiative puls. 

Initially, approved promoters from 2017 have been appointed as Puls organizers for a three-year period. New Puls promoters in 2018 will be appointed for a two-year period. 

Payment of the grant

The grant can be paid as soon as you have received notification of our decision. Payment is requested via My Page. You must confirm that the project is proceeding as per the application. You should also provide documentation for any specific terms and conditions attached to your grant (i.e. concerts in different Nrodic countries).  Finally, enter your account information and show how you will credit the Fund for its support.

You must latest request for the payment of your Puls grant one month before the first Puls concert.

The processing time for instalments is usually 10 working days.

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Specific conditions for Puls funding

You should actively contribute to the marketing of Puls which partly happens in collaboration with the agency VOLUME. In 2018, VOLUME will encourage crossposting, i.e. promoters sharing posts about their concerts on the Puls Facebook page. Puls promoters will also be encouraged to swap information about experiences in the field and documentation.

The appointed Puls promoters must attend the yearly Puls network meetings. Each promoter receives a travel allowance of DKK 3,000 for participating in the network meeting. In 2019 the travel grant is not available for promoters based in Helsinki since the meeting is taking place in Helsinki, Finland.

You have to submit a yearly evaluation, an annual accounts and an updated Puls program for the coming year.  

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Changes in my project

Significant changes in your project, in relation to the application submitted, must be approved in advance by the Secretariat.  Significant changes are those, for example, that relate to Nordic Participants (i.e. main Nordic partners in the project) or to the duration of the project. You should also contact the Fund if you pass formal responsibility for the project to any other party or parties, and if the project manager is replaced. Up to one-third of the music programme outlined in the application may be altered without consulting the Nordic Culture Fund, provided that the programme continues to meet the Puls criteria.

If the grant is used for purposes other than those described in the application, the Fund may reduce the amount or require that the full amount is repaid. If any money is left over, the Fund has the right to claim its share of the surplus. The Fund's share of any surplus will correspond to its share of overall project funding. If the money is not repaid, the case will be put in the hands of a debt collection agency.

Final report and accounts

The cost items may not be rounded. They must correspond to the actual costs of the project, which must have underlying appendix.

Remember to save the documentation of your accounts

The Nordic Culture Fund and the Danish National Audit Office, which audits the Fund’s accounts, are entitled to request documentation of your accounts up to five years after they were submitted. This means that you must keep all records for five years after submission, regardless of the amount involved.

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Concerning three-year puls funding

The Nordic Culture Fund has the right to claim back the funding granted to an individual Puls promoter at any time if the promoter no longer meets the criteria for the Puls initiative. The Fund may also demand repayment of funding if the Puls promoter's concert program for a given year does not meet the criteria for Puls, i.e. with regards to the quality of the program and work within in audience development. 

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Download here important documents concerning payments and reporting.

Instructions for payment, reporting and accounting

Accountant’s Guide



Throughout the process, you can track and manage your project via My Page, including requesting payment of instalments, lodging final reports etc, by using the same username you stipulated when you submitted your application.



You must use the Puls logo for all concerts and associated publicity. The logo is available on the Fund's website, along with instructions for correctly crediting Puls.

We encourage you to share your Puls activities on the Facebook page: