Together with VOLUME, we have prepared several tutorials to help your venue to improve its digital communication. Below you find videos which give you basic knowledge of developing your strategy and how to operate on social media.


Many music venues have become more active in social media. However, it can be challenging to work with modern digital communication in a coherent and distinct manner. In this tutorial Emil offers some insights into a more effective and clear strategy on social media. You will be guided step-by-step to create and develop a social media strategy for your venue.


Tone of voice

Tone of voice is something that comes up regularly when talking about marketing and communication. However, it might be challenging to understand in which ways you can use a more unique and distinct tone of voice. In this tutorial Emil guides you step by step how to develop your venue’s tone of voice. The video helps you to create a more consistent communication that takes into account your audience’s lifestyle and interests.


Facebook Pixel

Are you already familiar with Facebook Business Manager? Have you ever heard of Facebook Pixels? In this tutorial Emil explains how to follow up the users at your website by using a Facebook Pixel. Eventually, this could help your venue to get more knowledge of your targeted groups and audiences.


Facebook Audiences

It can be challenging for music venues to build up and maintain a digital audience base which is stable, well-targeted and coherent. In this tutorial Emil guides you step-by-step how to utilize Facebook Audiences and to advertise more effectively and coherent on social media.


Facebook Events

It is a very common practice to use Facebook Events as a part of a venue’s communication today. It can still be challenging to know in which ways you can make the most of the feature and use all the potential. In this tutorial Emil gives some insights to improve Facebook Events as part of your venue’s digital communication. The tutorial includes instructions to create a more distinct visual identity, to increase activity conversations, to understand the importance of co-hosting, and to customise audiences.



Instagram has become one of the most popular digital communication channels. When used right, the platform will provide an effective and fast way to grow your audiences and boost your tickets sale. In this tutorial Emil gives you a basic overview of Instagram and shows how to make most of its different features. The video presents how to create visual, current, engaging, playful and collaborative content on Instagram.