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A total of DKK 4.8 million has been allocated to the new promoters, adding an extra DKK 600,000 in funding as well as 20 new venues and festivals.

 Puls exemplifies how strong international networks enhance the quality of cultural life. The puls promoters do a fantastic job of promoting the development of musical culture in the Nordic Region. We are already seeing this happen as a result of the programme. The fact that puls promoters commit to working with Nordic-based artists opens up new opportunities for artists to make a name for themselves in the Region. For all of these reasons, we are deeply grateful and proud that this funding will be used to support such a unique and diverse network of promoters and provide a rich variety of new concert experiences for Nordic audiences,” explains Benny Marcel, Director of the Nordic Culture Fund.

The new funding also means that the 40 existing promoters will be able to continue their work over the coming year. In addition, this year has seen the appointment of new puls promoters in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Åland.

“We have managed to include every part of the Nordic Region this year. Iceland stood out in the applications. Thanks to puls, a vibrant national network of Nordic music is now emerging there. A further five Swedish promoters have also been able to join the programme thanks to a special grant from the Swedish Government,” reports Søren Staun, Senior Advisor to the Nordic Culture Fund.

The funding is earmarked for 354concerts as well as audience-development work. Specifically, it goes to promoters of programmes of between three and eight concerts staged between August 2018 and August 2019. To be eligible for funding, puls promoters must co-fund their events. The self-funding component must account for around two-thirds of the costs, representing a total investment in puls concerts across the Nordic Region of roughly DKK 15 million.

The 62 puls promoters are spread across the following countries:





The Faroe Islands










Åland Islands


Download here the complete list of supported venues and promoters


In 2018-2019 puls received:

  • DKK 3.5 million from the Nordic Culture Fund. The Fund has also earmarked money for the programme in 2019.
  • DKK 500,000 from the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture.
  • DKK 400,000 from the Danish Arts Foundation’s project funding committee for music. This additional funding meant that four extra Danish venues became eligible for puls
  • DKK 220,000 from Music Foundation Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. This additional funding meant that three extra Finnish venues became eligible for puls
  • DKK 156,000 from the Swedish government.

The approval process

The national agencies for culture funding in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland screened the applicants, assessing their competencies and ability to promote high quality innovative artists and programmes. The applications were also assessed by the Fund’s musical experts, who focused on the quality and development of the music programme and collaboration with other promoters. The final selection was based on these two assessments.

Development of the puls programme

The Culture Fund developed puls along with national funding bodies, national live music organisations, music export agencies and promoters in the Nordic countries.

Contact information

For further information, please contact: Søren Staun, advisor, +45 22 28 86 86